I’m Bethany Kidd. I am passionate about nutrition, health, and supporting my local community.

I love to eat healthy. I am very interested in holistic nutrition and I am learning as much as I can about how I can nourish and heal my body through correct eating practices. I went gluten-free at the beginning of spring, due to an intolerance, so I am also always on the lookout to learn and share new things about my journey away from eating wheat.

A big focus of mine is saving money. I am in a place in my life where I can’t afford to be spending large amounts of money. I have been learning how to be kind to my body without breaking the bank. My hope is that, through this blog, I can learn and share more about how to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle on a very small budget.

Other health related loves of mine are: Yoga, shopping and eating locally, and having a positive body Image. I hope that my blog can be a journey of learning and teaching about health and nutrition.


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